About Me

My History

Through my career I have taken on a number of roles across different industries. In all of these I take a pragmatic, researched-based approach to finding out what has been working best in the scientific literature and then applying that to my own tasks.

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The start of my academic career was at the University of Bath in Psychology and Communication Engineering, I ended up moving into Electrical Engineering and co-authoring a handful of publications on artificial intelligence, finally ending up with a Ph.D. in Quantifying Risks in Renewable Power Generation. At the same time I've gained insight into applying these skills in business and academia.

This included: copy-editing a course text for Power System Economics; working as a cameraman; helping teach media skills to various executives; leading the development of a startup; and as a scrum master (leadership/management of a software development team). More recently, my focus has shifted towards teaching people how to form positive habits, rapid acquire new skills, and achieve their goals.

James Brooks
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