Spaced Repetition Learning

If there are facts and figures you need to remember the best way is through spaced repetition . This basically involves refreshing your memory of a particular fact just before you are about to forget it. To start with you might need reminding every day but quickly it will become once a week or once a month. Handily the task of working out what you need to revise each day is solved by using spaced repetition learning software - and one of the best is Anki.

The tutorial is for anki is here: You can get it on your phone and use it on desktop - they sync with each other nicely.

I was going to write out a tutorial and some key points but someone else has written exactly what I wanted to here (staring at "a few general points"). Consider this required reading - I failed to get into the habit lots of times because I was making these mistakes:

The next link is how to get the most out of it. Highly recommended but not essential. If you don't read the article then for the first load of cards use "cloze deletion" with really short sentences (fill-in-the-blanks style cards).

The next and final link is the academic reasons why this stuff works and the minor details that change how effective it is. Really interesting to me but not at all essential.

In summary here are my own key points:

That is all.

Good luck with it.

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